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The next big thing on the mountain, the Sno-Go tri-ski bike. Fun, easy to ride and steer. Just sit on the seat and ride it like a bicycle.


No more knee pains.Lock and unlock the rotation of your binding in one Click. The QuickSett rotating disk fits into your snowboard binding and allows for a cruising position on the flats.

Tempo Access

Tessier The lowest and most accessible monoski!

Spike (kneeled) Summer Nordic Ski

Product Of: Norway
Manufacturer: Exero Technologies
Spike | Sitting position: KNEELED | Spike is a new adaptive sports equipment that lets you be adventurous on various terrain. Transition smoothly from city roads to forest trails while getting a great work out. | Spike is suitable for people with lower body disabilities.


Product Of: France
Manufacturer: Tessier
Fully adjustable nordic ski frame with interchangeable seats.

Freedom Trax

A powerful wheelchair attachment, designed for the explorer. Freedom Trax is a unique track system for sand, snow, gravel, mud and more.